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Cities & municipalities

Keep your city or municipality clean with Addax’s compact and agile electric utility vehicles. With an unprecedented loading capacity of 5m³, our utility vehicles make anything possible. Whether it’s an open body truck for recycled waste collection for your city’s maintenance crew, or a closed load for your local playground club, there’s an Addax electric vehicle to match your needs. Give your citizens the gift of clean air—affordably!

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Industry & facility management

Designed around the core values of durability, innovation and reliability, Addax’s future-oriented approach to electric vehicles gives you the best of both worlds. Whether your business revolves around indoor or outdoor work, our emission-free vehicles will give your operations a competitive edge. In addition to being cheaper than traditionally-fuelled vehicles, each purchase of an Addax electric utility vehicle comes with an on-site full-service package.

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Postal services

If your business relies on efficient delivery, then Addax vehicles are your solution to keeping your customers happy and your deliveries on schedule. Our electric utility vehicles are highly customizable for mail carrying, ensuring the comfort of their driver and the safety of cargo. Addax vehicles are one-of-a-kind in their flexibility, ensuring that mail gets delivered efficiently and quickly, whether it's in a small village or a large bustling city.

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Last mile delivery

Choosing a reliable, efficient and cost-effective vehicle for urban delivery can be challenging—until now. Addax electric vehicles are exceptionally engineered for last mile delivery. With a driving range of up to 120 kilometers on a single charge, our vehicles guarantee the fuel-efficient delivery of up to 1000kg. Addax electric vehicles are built for all-day use in urban delivery.