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Discover the Addax MT

Extremely manoeuvrable and comfortable to drive, the Addax MT is a 100% electric utility vehicle that can meet the requirements for driving in cities and towns, parks, and even industry facilities. The Addax MT is compact, sturdy, and quiet, with a load capacity of 1000kg and a towing capacity of 2000kg.

In addition, our commercial vehicles are available in various configurations, ranging from a refrigerator truck for transporting fresh food, to a garbage truck for collecting green waste.

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Small utility vehicle, big performance

The Addax MT model is designed for driving in tighter spaces. With a turning radius of 5 meters, our utility vehicles adapt to any environment. The Addax MT can be used for transporting goods in villages or narrow streets, but also in warehouses.

Do you need a specific model of utility vehicle? The Addax MT is a flexible utility vehicle, not only in its driving performances, but also in its available configurations. You can modulate the Addax MT into:

  • Flatbed vehicle
  • Hydraulic tipper
  • Cargo
  • Refrigerated truck
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Addax MT10 vs Addax MT15

The Addax MT has an impressive autonomy thanks to batteries with the capacity to be recharged at any time. Addax Motors has developed two variants of the MT model, differing from each other mainly in terms of battery life.

With a battery capacity of 14.4 kWh in the Addax MT15 (10.2 kWh in the MT10), the range of this model is up to 110 km, which is more than enough for a day's work. In addition, the performance of the Addax MT15 model is guaranteed by an engine that can reach a power of 12kW.


Addax MT: unique, durable and affordable

We pride ourselves on manufacturing electric vehicles that are completely Belgian-made and fully electric. The Addax MT is the best solution for your company’s urban transportation and delivery needs.

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