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Discover the Addax MTX

Made to improve upon the success of the MTN model, the Addax MTX heralds a new era in electric utility vehicles. We pushed our creativity to higher heights, and created a vehicle that is not just environmentally-friendly but robust and ready for any task. The Addax MTX combines all the amazing features of the Addax MTN with a longer chassis, giving you more cargo space.

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Best in class comfort & durability

With the Addax MTX, you can still expect the durability and comfort that makes the MTN so popular. Built for everyday tasks that push this electric vehicle to its limit every day, the following comes standard on the MTX.

  • A chassis that is 50cm longer than the MTN, giving you 7m³ of cargo space.
  • A width of only 1.40m, allowing you to navigate narrow city streets.
  • A load capacity of up to 1,000kg and a maximum power of 12kW gets the job done.
  • Optimal driving comfort with springs and shock absorbers.
  • Corrosion-treated parts, to prevent decay and corrosion through use.

Addax MTX: unique, durable and affordable

We pride ourselves on manufacturing electric vehicles that are completely Belgian-made and fully electric. The Addax MTX is the best solution for your company’s urban transportation and delivery needs.

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