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Zero emission electric garbage trucks for your municipality

With many urban areas aiming to reduce CO2 emissions, having a fleet of waste removal trucks that are emission-free is the first step to ensuring a better environment for the members of your municipality. Addax’s electric garbage trucks were created to solve the problem of air pollution that traditional thermic container trucks cause. Each Addax garbage truck is:

  • Designed for use in towns and cities, with features that make it well-equipped for garbage collection in amusement parks, residential neighborhoods, and recreational areas.
  • Equipped with the best in-class technology for optimal driving comfort, remote monitoring and driver safety.
  • Made in Belgium, ensuring the highest build quality of each unit.
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Easy, environmentally friendly... and quiet driving!

Garbage trucks tend to be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre in small narrows streets. At Addax, we have overcome this problem with a 4m turning radius, allowing the vehicle to be manoeuvred efficiently and with optimal comfort. Considering that the storage capacity of this type of commercial vehicle can be up to 1000 kg or 5m³, the manoeuvrability is even more impressive.

Furthermore, the flexibility of our vehicles is perfectly combined with its ecological aspect. Indeed, a garbage truck tends to stop and start frequently, thus generating polluting emissions.

Thanks to our electric garbage trucks, with a range of up to 120km, you can reduce your ecological footprint.

Furthermore, don't worry about being woken up by the noise of our vehicles in the early morning! Apart from their ecological aspect, our electric waste trucks are extremely quiet, preserving the sleep and serenity of the inhabitants.

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Carry out the collection of all types of waste

Apart from the renowned quality features at Addax, it is important to specify the special features that set our garbage trucks apart.

You can collect and transport any type of waste. The garbage truck can be configured according to the type of waste you need to transport. This ranges from standard or industrial containers to vertical containers for the collection and transport of liquids.

Whatever your daily, weekly, or monthly waste collection needs are, we can meet your specific requirements. So don't wait any longer and contact us so that we can make you the best offer for your company.

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Looking for a customised vehicle?

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Distributors across Europe

A strong, experienced network of distributors across. Giving you a contact point anytime, anyplace. These distributors know the product trough and trough. Closely and meticulously following up on your fleet.