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Addax—the best electric tipper vehicle

Addax Motors’ electric tippers embody convenience, flexibility and comfort. Our utility tipper vehicles make the best partners for exterior workers. Park and green space maintenance teams will love how easy our vehicles make collecting, transporting and recycling waste. What can you expect from an Addax electric tipper vehicle?

  • A fully electric vehicle made in Belgium, with zero emissions.
  • Customisation options to suit the needs of a park and green space maintenance team.
  • An interior cabin suited to driving comfort, flexibility and full workdays.
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Complete flexibility to suit your city’s and company needs

Each Addax electric utility vehicle comes equipped with features that will make your field of work easier—whatever it may be. With a wide range of technical specifications to choose from, you can be sure to find a configuration that matches what you need, like:

  • A hydraulics system that allows the doors of each vehicle to tilt and open swiftly, allowing the easy loading and unloading of waste.
  • An unrivaled payload of up to 1000kg, the perfect partner for a full day of city or park maintenance and clean up.
  • Superior driver comfort, with spacious cabins, extra wide seats, double suspension, front and rear disc brakes as well as peripheral ground vision.
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Fully electric, 100% Belgian made

Addax electric tipper vehicle are made for both urban and industrial uses. Each electric tipper is equipped with an autonomous battery with a driving range of up to 120km—more than enough for a full-day’s work. Each battery is completely recyclable and comes with a 5-year warranty. Purchasing an Addax electric utility vehicle is a great way to help the environment.

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A welcome addition to your daily work

Addax electric tipper vehicles were created to make your daily work easier. We can make any customisations you need to facilitate this—like changing the length of the tipper, adding side or rear doors or even additional covers. Click here to reach out to us so we can discuss how Addax Motors can best meet your needs.

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Looking for a customised vehicle?

Let's discuss what we can do for you.



Addax distributors are located all over Europe, ensuring smooth purchasing and easy maintenance of your fleet. Click here to find a distributor near you.