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High-quality chassis cabs

Innovation and flexibility are the cornerstones of our work here at Addax Motors. That’s why we offer chassis cabs with full customisation options to meet your company’s specific needs, whatever they are. When you purchase an Addax vehicle, you choose the best in quality, performance and design.

20191219 N1 render CHASSISCABIN
20191219 N1 render CHASSISCABIN

High-performance chassis cabs built for durability and reliability.

Addax electric chassis cabins are fully customisable and can be retrofitted to suit needs like: a tipper for park and recreation maintenance; refrigerated trucks for the delivery of your fresh products; or a flatbed utility vehicle for the transportation of heavy materials.

Our commercial vehicles combine reliability, efficiency and durability. Addax chassis cabs are built to last with anti-rust protection. With exceptional maneuverability, our vehicles are easy to drive in narrow city streets and restricted traffic areas.

20191219 N1 render CHASSISCABIN

Easily accessible electric utility vehicles

All our utility vehicles are developed, produced and assembled in Belgium. This ensures that each vehicle we create is of the highest quality. Riding in an Addax means enjoying a sleek finish and a comfort that will quickly become your standard for evaluating other vehicles.

The health of the environment is important to us, which is why we have been forerunners in the green vehicle space. Our fully electric vehicles have a driving range of up to 120km, making them a reliable, economical and environmentally-friendly solution. Addax chassis cabins are made for use in city centers, commercial plants and large warehouses.

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