Electric vehicle models

At Addax Motors, we are constantly improving ourselves in the design & development of our electric utility vehicles. Over the years, we have been able to design different models to suit the needs of any company and any type of transportation.

Discover the different models:

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Since the announcement of the Green Deal, many countries have started a sustainable greening process. Incentivising the purchase of electric commercial vehicles. The Addax MTN is our first commercial vehicle that is 100% electric and meets the strict safety standards of an N1 homologation.
Which means that you will receive a substantial subsidy upon purchase.

With Addax MTN you:

  • Drive comfortably in narrow streets and industrial sites.
  • Enjoy a voluminous build considering its small footprint.
  • Load almost anything thanks to its high load capacity.
  • Receive a sustainably produced battery that is fireproof and fully recyclable.
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Take your electric vehicle to the next level. If you already are convinced by the MTN utility vehicle, take a look at our MTX model. In addition to the performance of the MTN, the Addax MTX offers you a 50 cm chassis extension, allowing you to transport a larger volume of goods. As for autonomy and manoeuvrability, you have nothing to worry about. Our vehicles maintain a high level of excellence.

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Designed for narrow streets and corners in an urban and industrial environment. the Addax MT is the first model in our range of electric utility vehicles. Featuring unique performances, the MT model is offered in two variants, namely the Addax MT10 and MT15. The main difference between the two models is the driving range. In addition, the MT model can be customised to meet the needs of your company. Check out the possibilities!


Possible options

Cabin options

  • Servopowered steering
  • Webasto heating
  • Electrical heating 1,8kW
  • Double DIN auto-radio with Bluetooth
  • Double DIN auto-radio with Bluetooth with rear-view camera
  • Beacon revolving light
  • Double LED blinking bar front
  • Double LED blinking bar rear
  • Triple LED blinking bar with roof bar
  • Rear-view window
  • 12V USB charger
  • Pedestrian buzzer
  • Two-speed button settings
  • Mountain hill assist switch
  • RAL colour (except RAL 9016)
  • Special/Customized colour (non RAL-colour)
  • Closed box charging
  • Rubber floor mat

Chassis options

  • Addax hubcaps set (4 pieces)
  • Spare wheel with mounted all season tyre
  • Spare wheel with mounted winter tyre
  • Extra set of steel rims (without tyres)
  • Trailer hitch
  • Lower storage box with lock
  • Winter tyres with steel rims (4pieces)

Safety options

  • Fire extinguisher + Safety kit
  • Flat tyre kit
  • Jack + wrench
  • Warning stickers red white

Extra options

  • Cabin and chassis paint repair pen (RAL 9005)
  • Flatbed and tipper repair pen (RAL 9016)
  • Charger adaptor cable type 2

Extra Build-ups

  • High pressure combo skid
  • Watering skid
  • Leaves vacuum system TL 450 Pro 9 HP
  • Leaves vacuum system optional ergonomic handle