What’s driving Addax sales in Germany?

08 Ιουνίου 2023

Addax Sales Manager for over a year now, Michael Menkhoff gives us his thoughts on how Addax electric utility vehicles are perceived in Germany, and what he believes is important over there.

It’s always been the case, but I can confirm that German customers – more than ever – want a quality product that delivers. Better still, they are happy to pay the price for a vehicle they know is safe, and that will keep both driver & passenger safe as well.

Try before you buy

It’s why we continue to encourage our dealers to place Addax vehicles with potential customers and ask them to try it out. We are pretty confident that their Addax experience will convince them that it is not only the best driving solution on the market, but great value as well. They’ll not hear any shaking or unpleasant noises, and feel a quality suspension and power steering making them a pleasure to drive. We often receive enthusiastic feedback from test engineers following a week with an Addax: they immediately have a good feeling about it. Everything they touch feels solid. Quite simply, you get something for your money.

A solid network

But that’s only one aspect. We are well aware of the fact that buyers want a good network of dealers if ever they might have a problem (which they won’t). Customers want to know that someone has their back if they need something. It’s why we continue to expand our dealer network around the country, on top of the 20 or so we have right now. By my calculations, we probably need a service outlet every 100 kilometres or so … and so that means we can still add another 50 to our network around the country.

European made

Another thing I know customers like is the fact that our vehicles are made in Europe – in Belgium – with European workers. They really appreciate the fact that the vehicles are designed and made in a neighbouring European country, and don’t travel half the world to save CO2. The fact that 90% of the parts are made locally just adds to this good feeling.

Batteries assembled in Belgium

One of the most interesting and important aspects, I think, is the fact that Addax actually manages the battery pack themselves. This is unique for me. Addax prepares its battery packs and so is able to refresh and replace it in the future. I’m talking here as someone who knows both the sales and technical aspects of our vehicles.

Flexible to use

While it’s true that some customers tell me they really want a 1500 kilos payload, a 200 kilometres range, and perhaps a bigger cabin, they also understand that what they are describing is another vehicle than an Addax altogether. I know they know that when they sit down and think about it, they realise that an Addax offers flexibility, a small turning circle and a light touch: you really don’t need much space to drive (or park) an Addax.

Made to measure coachwork

Addax has long promoted the fact that the bodywork can be customised to customers’ needs. This is ideal for German customers, as many of them have worked with special bodywork suppliers for years. As a result, some customers are just ordering the chassis and cabin, and handling the bodywork build themselves, either in-house or with their own supplier. The result is a multitude of new vehicles including original set-ups for last mile delivery, hearses, yes undertakers are seeing the advantages of an Addax, and different industrial set ups for companies with specialist requirements like place for the installation of gas canisters. You could say that Addax has found its niche, and building on that for an exciting future.

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