Why is comfortin a light utility vehicle so important?

Why is comfort in a light utility vehicle so important?

Surely you have at least once climbed into the driver's cab of a vehicle that's far too small for your stature. Then you also know how uncomfortable it can be. Now, imagine having to use such a vehicle on a daily basis, perhaps even sharing it with a co-worker. You will probably:

  • Try and avoid using this vehiclewherever possible;
  • Be less inclined to take proper care of it;
  • Have the impression that it is unsuitable and fragile and therefore also unsafe.

At the end of the day, whether you work in the public or private sector, what could be more wasteful than a supposedly sustainable investment that does not deliver its full potential and ends up costing more than planned because it is used only sparingly or not at all?

At Addax, our many years' experience in this area has allowed us to understand this and to find a practical solution:

For a light utility vehicle to be used to its full potential, the comfort of its users is to be considered a key element as early as in the design phase. If you wish to verify for yourself that our models are effectively designed according to this principle, do not hesitate to contact us to come and have them tested by your teams at our premises.

Do you want to experience the comfort of the vehicle yourself?

Agile yet comfortable vehicles

The main difficulty in designing a comfortable utility vehicle is to ensure that it is not only spacious but also capable of reaching various important areas that are not always easily accessible: narrow streets, parks, storage areas, etc.

Our MT models are the embodiment of this principle. While only 1.40 m wide, they nevertheless offer a cabin that is wide enough to comfortably seat two persons whose stature typically resemble that of people involved in physical labour. Furthermore, width is not the only important parameter, our cabin is also 2 m high.

This is just perfect to ensure the comfort of two people in one vehicle. In addition, our utility vehicle is equipped with a double suspension system, allowing it to cope with rough terrains without shaking the passengers.

As a result, our light utility vehicles are among the most comfortable in the market, yet at the same time they are agile and capable of hauling very high payloads!


While comfort is of utmost importance, a light utility vehicle must also be as safe as possible, not only for your teams, but also because it will often have to be driven in public areas. Therefore, to provide optimal safety for all, we have developed our cabs in such a way that the driver's position and the number of windows offer unparalleled visibility.

Carrying a heavy payload is not all, it is also necessary to ensure maximum safety of the vehicle's movement and that of its occupants and those around it. That is why we have chosen to use a dual independent disc brake system that is capable of handling every situation. Finally, we have also analysed and perfected the vehicle's stability to limit any risk of overturning.

For further technical details on our vehicles, please check out our page on the Addax MT electric utility vehicles. Also feel free to contact us if you want to come and test our vehicle!