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The city of tomorrow drives electric

Noise pollution, toxic emissions, fine particles, parking problems ... cities and municipalities suffer a growing mobility pressure. We can’t go ahead like this: the city of tomorrow is a city with less cars. And with electric utility vehicles.

Local economies, public services and green maintenance will continue to run. But run electric. And pleasantly silent. Using small compact trucks equipped with a large capacity. Plus: you save on the overpriced fossil fuel and you choose for healthy, pure air.

Addax is our contribution for the urban centers we want to prepare for our children.

Addax electric vehicleAddax electric vehicle

Your electric mobility

Energy efficiency

The primary concerns surrounding electric utility vehicles are:

  • their poor autonomy
  • the rapid decline in battery life

However, with its many years experience and using the data from the cost and needs analysis of its models, Addax Motors has been able to conceive, design and construct a battery model for its electric utility vehicles.


Comfort in a light utility vehicle

Surely you have at least once climbed into the driver's cab of a vehicle that's far too small for your stature. Then you also know how uncomfortable it can be. Now, imagine having to use such a vehicle on a daily basis, perhaps even sharing it with a co-worker. You will probably:

  • Try and avoid using this vehicle wherever possible;
  • Be less inclined to take proper care of it;
  • Have the impression that it is unsuitable and fragile and therefore also unsafe.


Simple and effective after-sales service

Whatever your sector of activity, your utility vehicle fleet is probably a vital infrastructure for your operations. Surely you know what it's like having to deal with an unexpected breakdown. Despite your urgent calls, you may have had to wait two to three days, or perhaps even longer, for a dealer at the other side of the country to dispatch a technician. After three billable hours, the latter simply told you that one of the vehicle's fuses had blown, and you had to wait several more days before you finally received the part.

Until now, any technical problem was sure to cost you both time and money. Our unique developments and our after-sales service are aimed at reducing such downtime.


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