Your electric mobility

Ensured electric mobility

To make mobility a service, Addax combines a new reliable and robust connected electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) with a dedicated efficient aftersales service that performs maintenance and repairs on the spot. This formula can be purchased or combined within an all-inclusive operational leasing.


Electric vehicle

New connected eLCV 
100% electric

Addax leveraged on several years of experience in operating fleets of eLCVs to design and build a new range of electric vehicles that can afford hard work. The focus is set on robustness, quality, reliability, autonomy and customization.

The chassis of the vehicle is designed to allow users to transport the desired loading capacity and volume thanks to a customized cargo space.


Green and economic mobility

Green and cost-effective mobility

Today, eLCVs are the best alternative in this segment, offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the whole lifetime of the vehicle (purchase, maintenance, recharging and tax deductibility). Through a classic purchase or for a fixed amount per month, you benefit from the most economical solution on the market. In addition, you prepare your fleet for the green goals of Horizon 2020 and COP21.



Contract without worries through efficient aftersales services

Your electric vehicle is a key component of your business process. When they occur, downtime periods need to be as short as possible. In case of breakdown, your 3G/4G connected vehicle immediately transfers us the error code allowing a quick and efficient intervention by one of our local mobile technical teams. All repairs and maintenance happen on site. No more long leadtimes or extra cost for expensive spare parts waiting in a dealership network.