NEW Model MT15n


Our modular chassis-cabin architecture allows for a maximum customization, up to the current you use today on other vehicles. Our chassis-cab alone is therefore available as well, built for the long-term with an outstanding rust protection,  to be completed with the equipment you need, constructed in your area, near your business.

Addax MT15n is also eligible in many European countries to government subventions. Delivered estimates are from 8 to 10 weeks.

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    For your daily work, our flatbed – with or without high nets – gives you a massive 3m² (1.4m x 2.2m) available to carry material in a clean and silent way.

    The lateral and rear dropsides are made of high quality aluminium and enable you to reach easily all points of the body, for a quick load and unload.

    Cover and roof arches is also available on option.

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      An open body for the recycled waste collected by the maintenance team or by the green and parks personnel.

      The tipping body allows to carry and pour up to 1000kgs, assembled with the best of aluminium and steel components, and equipped with an autonomous battery to protect your driving range.

      To facilitate your workflow, we are able to customize your body in length, with lateral or rear doors, covers or other wishes you may have for your daily work.

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        Because working on public spaces or leaving the vehicle outside requires also safety locks, the combo tipper/flatbed of Addax give you the opportunity to combine the flexible tipping/loading body with identical customization level, while also offering a steel-made lockable cabinet of 500 liters between the cabin and the body.

        You won’t need to constantly load or unload frequently used tools, while they will be safely stored inside the Addax Combo, made of the same rust-protected material as all Addax equipment.

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          Our cargo offers a loading body with extended versatility in any city, for the quick delivery of up to 5m³ (freely customizable). Not just a couple of routes, but all day long. Back and forth, again and again. The Addax is small enough to be used in alley­ways and fast enough for periphery lanes.

          Our aluminium construction associates quality and design, and uses only the highest roller-shutters standard for thousands of openings.

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            Collecting garbage inside city centers has long be done using the classic tippable technology, from the smallest to largest carriers.

            Today Addax offers a unique quiet and clean solution for the city centers and the narrowest streets. Able to load and carry up to 3.5m³ of garbage, able to compact it on the go, able to lift standard or industrial bins (optionally even vertical for collecting liquids), you’ll run all day long your classic garbage collecting route without any direct emission and in silence.

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              COOLED CARGO

              Active refrigeration running on independent batteries, our high end solution gives you a fully ATP certified cooling body, allowing for 4000 liters of positive cold over 12 hours of work (or alternatively 6 hours of negative cold).

              The controlled temperature is set from inside the cabin and allows you a permanent control of your fresh food or pharmaceutical stock, as well as the remaining level of batteries to close your route.

                Basic characteristics

                Technical characteristics of the Addax MT15n

                • PERIPHERAL VIEW
                • DISK BRAKES FRONT AND REAR
                • 1024KG LOADING CAPACITY
                • 5M³ LOADING VOLUME
                • 4G MONITORING
                • TURNING CIRCLE 4.5M
                • EXTRA LARGE CABIN
                • DOUBLE SUSPENSION
                • CENTRAL LOCKING
                • EUROPEAN N1 HOMOLOGATION
                • FRONT AND SIDE DEFROSTER
                • AVAS SYSTEM

                Vehicle description

                Addax MT15n


                The MT15n has a stable, reinforced ladder frame which has been subjected to a cataphoresis treatment to protect it from corrosion. Ride comfort and stable road holding with low cornering tendency are ensured by stable coil springs in combination with optimally tuned shock absorbers. The front axle has a comfortable independent suspension. The rear axle is a rigid axle with load-dependent double suspension. Engine and differential are firmly anchored to the rear axle with low vibration. The vehicle is equipped as standard with all-season tires size 165/65 R14, which contribute to safe and stable handling. The standard 1.39 meter wide chassis (without mirrors) with its direct, smooth rack-and-pinion steering is extremely maneuverable with a turning circle of 4.50 meters and allows easy maneuvering in confined spaces.


                For your safety, the cabin frame is made of a sturdy steel frame. The cabin is equipped with sound insulation. The cabin floor is thermo-regulating, anti-slip and water resistant for better cleaning. The body paneling is made of thermoformed ABS plastic to prevent cracking and is colored throughout. The cabin, designed for 2 persons, has excellent all-round visibility thanks to the large electrically heated windscreen made of laminated glass, combined with large glass doors in which armrests and lateral lockable sliding windows are integrated.  Thanks to the rear door hinge, in case of a small opening angle, especially in narrow alleys a comfortable entry and exit is possible For your own safety, a door locking system is integrated which automatically closes the cab doors at 5 km/h and opens them again automatically when the handbrake is applied.

                Addax MT

                The Addax MT (10/15) and the Addax MT15n  are 100% electric, green, compact, agile, and pleasantly silent vehicles. The MT10 /15 / 15n is available with open or closed cargo box and many more options, custom developed for last mile delivery, amusement parks, warehouse logistics, cities and municipalities.

                Find out about the three models:

                MODEL MT in action

                Addax Motors electric vehicles Addax Motors electric vehicles

                We get the job done

                Tailored for the user

                Adapted for your needs, your van benefits from a
                customized production.

                Open or closed cargo box, integrated cooling system,
                convenient sorting fixture, or just the chassis cab ?

                Safe and comfortable: double suspension, disc breaks,
                peripheral ground vision, ...

                100% made in Belgium

                Development, research and production are located in


                And we are proud of it.

                Years of expertise

                The Addax team is active in vehicle rental since many
                years also. We could use this long experience to bring
                best practices into our latest developments.

                And of course bring you the best leasing packages.

                Remote monitoring, onsite technicians

                Choosing 3G monitoring allows you a direct assistance and advice from Addax.

                An accident ? A simple call and a technician comes
                immediately on the spot.

                No waiting time, and for your drivers: optimized performances.


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