NEW ! The Addax MT15n

Addax Motors introduces new electric van with N1 road homologation: the Addax MT15n 


Addax Motors, the Belgian manufacturer of electric vans, launches a new variant of the electric van Addax MT. Addax Motors produces electric vans, finished to measure for the user. The compact vehicles are suitable for light freight transport within cities and municipalities, last mile delivery companies, warehouses, industrial sites, amusement and theme parks,… 


Addax MT15n


In the renewed Addax MT15n even more attention was paid to safety. Our vehicle withstood the N1 homologation crash tests and is more robust thanks to an improved suspension system, among other things. The braking system has also been strengthened to meet the strict European N1 standards. In addition, the new Addax MT15n has an optimized range of 134 kilometers under the latest WLTP tests. 


Addax has been active in designing and producing electric vehicles for years and is focused on the highest quality at a low Total Cost of Ownership. As a result, development is fully based on industry best practices: thanks to 4G monitoring, customers are in direct contact with Addax and its concessions network. In the event of a breakdown, a technician immediately arrives on site. Smaller breakdowns can often be solved remotely, quickly and cost-efficiently.   

The new Addax MT15n is also equipped with a simple and efficient after-sales system: parts available from a central warehouse up from 48 hours. 


Comfort and user-friendliness are more central to Addax than ever: the new cab is now lower than 2 meters (to reach the underground car park) and thanks to optimizations in the interior, the cab is also wider inside. The materials used have been acoustically and thermally optimized. New armrests are provided in the doors and a new window system. The locking system will include automatic locking. In addition, the heating system now allows the side windows to defrost automatically.  

The car also has an increased driving comfort due to various optimizations. A renewed dashboard and a reversing camera with a larger screen. The adjusted steering angle makes steering even more comfortable. 

Addax MT

The Addax MT (10/15) and the Addax MT15n  are 100% electric, green, compact, agile, and pleasantly silent vehicles. The MT10 /15 / 15n is available with open or closed cargo box and many more options, custom developed for last mile delivery, amusement parks, warehouse logistics, cities and municipalities.

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