Ontex and Woosh collaborate for diaper recycling using the Addax MT15n

Ontex and Woosh join forces for diaper recycling in Belgium using the Addax MT15n

Aalst (Belgium), 23 March, 2021 - Ontex (Euronext: ONTEX) and startup Woosh today announce their collaboration to enable the recycling of used disposable diapers using the Addax MT15n

Waste incineration can be avoided by recycling used disposable diapers. This is only possible if different parties work together: from raw material suppliers for diapers and diaper manufacturers like Ontex, to waste collection and partners with access to suitable recycling technology. "Today in Belgium the separate collection of used diapers is very limited, so diaper recycling is not evolving. Waste management companies are reluctant to invest in diaper recycling because there is not enough separated diaper waste available. Because there are not enough recycling options, there is also no incentive to separate diaper waste," says Jef Stubbe, Co-founder of Woosh.

Ontex supports this mission Woosh to make nappy recycling possible on a large scale in Belgium and also in other countries," says Annick De Poorter, Executive Vice President Innovation, Sustainability and Quality at Ontex.

Going the extra mile with Addax Motors

Not only Woosh's idea is sustainable. They also thought about sustainability during the implementation. How can Woosh make diaper collection as green as possible? This is where Addax came into the picture. Together we strive for a greener future. By using an Addax vehicle, Woosh reduced its vehicle emissions. By how much do you wonder? Well, that is the great thing about Addax vehicles. They don't emit any gasses!

Are you also curious how comfortable an Addax MT15n drives? Then contact us and ask for a test drive.

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