What you can expect at an Addax demo

03 ottobre 2023

Are you considering a new electric utility vehicle for your gardens and maintenance team? Perhaps you’ve thought about asking Addax to come over and give you a demonstration? This short story gives you insights as to what you can expect on the day.

Addax loves showing off their electric utility vehicles at relaxed demonstration events … and making sure everyone present gets a chance to drive it. But what happens at these demos, and how do they work?

First impressions count

The first thing you should know is that there is NO hard sell at an Addax demo event, in fact no selling at all. Of course, you are welcome to order one (or more), but that that’s not the point at this first contact stage. Addax understands all too well that organisations have many different decision levels, it’s why we want as many people as possible – including the mayor – to experience and see our electric vehicle first hand.

“My job,” says Wim Vinke, Technical sales demonstrator at Addax, “is to help clients understand the quality and comfort, as well as the drivability of our vehicle. Naturally, I want to create a good impression and so I always try to arrive with a big friendly smile on my face! I really try to ensure everyone at my demo events are relaxed and able to ask questions.”

“I tend to start at the front of the vehicle and work my way around to highlight one or another feature that we are particularly proud of. Of course, I talk about how the vehicle is built and its excellent drive ability. I mention that the cabin is spacious, that the vehicle is stable and easy to load. And then I talk about how the battery is built. This is a unique selling point for Addax.”

“You can be sure,” continues Wim, “that if there are technical people in the audience, I’ll receive lots of technical questions! Sometimes they want to go into great detail. I’ve even been asked to put my Addax up on the ramp bridge in their workshop so they can look underneath it. It’s motivating that they are so interested, indeed I encourage it … because it’s not as if they are just buying a loaf of bread. They want to see and feel the quality. Fortunately I’m right at home with the technical stuff as I started my working career as a truck mechanic.”

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A ladder chassis

Just like a modern truck, every Addax is built on a ladder chassis. This means all the important parts of the vehicle are attached to and supported by the chassis. In fact an Addax includes subframes for both the front and rear suspensions; this makes it more comfortable, as the cabin is placed on the front of the ladder chassis. An Addax actually has one of the most spacious cabins in its class, as there are two proper seats with a handbrake separating them giving both driver and passenger plenty of room.

“Some people ask questions about the vehicle’s stability when you go up on a curb, for example,” explains Wim. ‘I can reassure them about that. I explain that an Addax has a double wishbone suspension, and that this adds a lot of stability to the vehicle. Moreover the shock absorbers are mounted to the wishbones to control vertical movement leading to an easier ride. The result? An Addax is remarkably comfortable.”

The demonstration also goes into detail about the battery, a major point of difference at Addax, not just in the way it’s made, but also in the way it is charged. Not only can an Addax be charged from a normal 16-amp household plug, the battery also has a capacity of 72 volts. “When I say that an Addax uses a 72-volt battery, I immediately see knowing looks on the face of the technical team,” says Wim. “They understand that a 72-volt power system offers smoother and better power transmission. I explain to those that don’t know what it means by using a door analogy. Quite simply, a bigger door (that’s the 72-volt power system) is much easier to get through than a smaller one!”

Made in Belgium from parts made in Belgium

A lot of the parts of an Addax are made and produced in Belgium. “We have tried, where possible, to find our suppliers in the neighbourhood around our factory,” says Wim. “But sometimes you need to go further afield … it’s the case of the battery cells, which are made in China. Why? Well they are cheaper, for sure. But that’s not the main reason … China has a virtual monopoly on producing the battery cells we want for an Addax.”

Unlike many in the electric-vehicle industry, Addax actually assembles the battery pack – with 23 cells – at its factory in Belgium. This means it can repair and refurbish battery packs in house, without sending anything back to China. More important than that is the fact that Addax has opted for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. This technology offers many advantages: they are more durable, easier to recover and recycle, and much safer. You can take a cell and put it in an open fire, and you won’t have an explosion, unlike other electric batteries on the market. In reality, an Addax battery will simply melt if exposed to fire. “Our choice of battery technology is a big advantage for us. Unlike Lithium Ion batteries, which in the Netherlands have to put in a special fire-prevention room during charging, an Addax can be charged inside without any special precautions.

“And then I talk about the placement of the battery pack in the middle of the chassis. At 156 kilos, they help lower the centre of gravity in the vehicle making the ride a pleasure for passengers.”

Ask for an Addax demo near you

An Addax demonstration lasts about 2 to 3 hours. Not only will you have the chance to ask questions and sit inside it, you’ll also get the chance to drive one yourself, albeit for a few minutes. If you would like an Addax demo team to come to you, please send us an email or a private message, or contact us via our website. We’ll be in touch. 😉

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