Meet Addax's new body builds!

21 maggio 2024

Welcome to Addax, where the electric vehicles do the heavy lifting! We’ve got four new products to announce, including three new bodybuilding champions ready to show off their strength, agility, and, of course, electrifying personality!

1. Right-handed, right-minded

The wait is over for our friends in the UK and those who like their steering wheel on the right-hand side of the vehicle. The new right-hand drive Addax is not just a nod to the British way of life, it’s also a hello to every council that has been waiting for a vehicle that lets you keep a watchful eye on the curb. It's like scoring 2 goals with one kick!

2. The Cargo: reinvented
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Imagine the perfect blend of utility and style – that's the new Cargo design for you. With roller shutters unfurling as seamlessly as silk ribbons, and French doors that open like a grand entrance to a chateau, the new Cargo configurations ensure functionality meets fabulousness.

3. The Tipper/Flatbed Makeover
MTN Combo Tipper

Replacing six of our eight open bodies wasn't just a facelift; it was a full-body transformation. We have brought all our workshop in-house to ensure quality and punctuality are never compromised. Check out our new Tipper design, it’s not only beautiful you’ll find it’s as reliable as your morning cup of coffee!

4. Power to the people – and their tools!

What's a bodybuilder without their protein shake? Or in this case, without a power source for all those electric-powered tools? This new addition is a 72V DC to 230V AC inverter, which means your Addax EUV isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a mobile workstation. And yes, besides charging tools it can even power your waffle maker when you and your team are getting hungry.

So there you have it. With four new products launched in Q1/2024, Addax isn’t just upping its game, we’re changing it. As a result, our all-electric Addax utility vehicles are hitting the roads with a new attitude. So whether you're in charge of maintenance, a factory floor or want to make lunch on the go, our EUVs are there to serve – with power, style, and a touch of Addax flair.