A walk in the park

20 aprile 2023

Have you ever had a walk in the park ruined by the noise of an internal combustion engine? One moment you are enjoying the sound of birdsong, and the next all you can hear is a park maintenance vehicle stopped nearby with its engine running. It’s an even greater problem when the weather is cold, as park staff try to keep warm.

Of course, noise pollution from ICE vehicles is a problem outside parks as well; indeed noise from vehicles on the roads has now become an almost permanent form of environmental pollution in urban areas with negative impacts on human health, wildlife, and the environment. Did you know that exposure to high levels of noise pollution can cause a range of health problems, including hearing loss, hypertension, and sleep disturbances?

Easy on the environment

Many species of birds rely on sound to communicate and navigate, and excessive noise pollution can disrupt their ability to do so. This inevitably leads to a decline in the populations of certain bird species, and can also affect the behaviour of other wildlife.

Another problem associated with noise from vehicles is its impact on the environment. Not only do ICE vehicles burn fossil fuels – this contributes to greenhouse gas emissions – it’s been found that excessive noise pollution can lead to soil erosion, which affects the growth and development of plants.

One way of reducing noise pollution in urban areas is through the use of electric vehicles, like Addax. Our Addax Electric Utility Vehicles produce much less noise than traditional gasoline or diesel-powered vans and trucks. And they reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions produced as well.

If you want to protect citizens and workers from excessive noise, then consider an Addax. Addax vehicles have been conceived to go easy on the environment: not only are they much quieter, they are also manufactured in Belgium from parts made and assembled in Belgium. In fact, roughly 95% of parts are sourced in Europe.