Simple and effective aftersales service

Whatever your sector of activity, your utility vehicle fleet is probably a vital infrastructure for your operations. Surely you know what it's like having to deal with an unexpected breakdown. Despite your urgent calls, you may have had to wait two to three days, or perhaps even longer, for a dealer at the other side of the country to dispatch a technician. After three billable hours, the latter simply told you that one of the vehicle's fuses had blown, and you had to wait several more days before you finally received the part.

Until now, any technical problem was sure to cost you both time and money. Our unique developments and our after-sales service are aimed at reducing such downtime.

Electric utility vehicles that communicate

All our electric utility vehicles are equipped with a remote communication module that transmits your technical data to our teams in real time. This enables us to take immediate action in the event of a potential or effective breakdown, prior to undertaking more expensive physical action. Telephone contact with our teams will help you determine if intervention is necessary. If required, a technician already having the right component with him will rapidly intervene on site, and will not have to return after a first diagnosis.

Furthermore, you will be able to optimize and save on periodic maintenance, because you can:

  • Schedule the next maintenance and thus choose the period that suits you best
  • Monitor the health condition of your utility vehicle and contact us in case of problems
  • Immediately identify the cause of the problem in case of breakdown and plan the replacement of the faulty part

Network of local technicians

First and foremost, Addax gives you the advantage of benefiting from our network of local technicians who ensure the rapid on-site analysis, maintenance and repair of your vehicle. This saves you a lot of logistical hassle and gives you the certainty to have your vehicle operational again as soon as possible.

Spare parts kits and traceable parts

We have also developed a computerized part traceability system that enables us to easily manage all repairs as it gives us direct access to the exact version of your vehicle and that of all its components, allowing the appropriate part to be localized and sent to you as quickly as possible. No more unpleasant surprises when unpacking the spare parts that are sent to you, as is typically the case with machines built in small series, because this system, designed in Belgium by our engineers according to the highest standards, allows for easy replacement of the parts that make up our motors.

As a result, our technicians will, in most cases, arrive on site with the proper spare part. For more complex parts, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours by express parcel service. Once again, every effort is made to get your electric utility vehicle running again as soon as possible.


Depending on the size of your fleet, we can also train your in-house technicians, for example for municipalities that have an in-house garage. If not, and if the technician within your local Addax network is unable to meet your specific needs, we'll be happy to train your customary technical maintenance partner at our premises or by video conference.

In summary, our Addax Motors after-sales service is designed to be simple, because it is focused entirely on what is truly your primary concern: limit the downtime of your vehicles! If you have any questions or would like to receive further details regarding our service, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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