Energy efficiency for Light Utility Vehicle

Energy efficiency for Light Utility Vehicle

The primary concerns surrounding electric utility vehicles are:

  • their poor autonomy
  • the rapid decline in battery life

However, with its many years experience and using the data from the cost and needs analysis of its models, Addax Motors has been able to conceive, design and construct a battery model for its electric utility vehicles that is both:

  • reliable
  • designed for heavy duty
  • conceived for a suitable autonomy

Durable batteries

Loss of durability due to recharging is a concern of many potential buyers. However, with the arrival of the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery technology, our vehicles can be recharged at any time of the day without any risk of the total battery charge being reduced.

This means you no longer have to wait for your utility vehicle to fully discharge before recharging it. What could be more practical? No more batteries that can only be charged to half capacity after a few years. In addition, this type of battery allows for a significantly increased number of charging cycles and therefore also for a low self-discharge rate. Finally, the chemical reaction caused by this type of battery does not generate any heat, providing added safety for the user.

You don't even have to take our word for it - all our batteries come with a five year guarantee, so you can feel assured about the future of your electric utility vehicle fleet. With our excellent after-sales service, you will never have to worry.

Another, no less important, element is that this type of battery is made from less polluting components than those used in other battery technologies. In fact, they can first be reused in other industrial sectors when their performance diminishes, and afterwards fully recycled! Finally, the materials used are fair-trade sourced. Perfect for those who dream of sustainable, green and equitable technologies and more ecological utility vehicles.

Autonomy tailored to your needs

Thanks to our experience, our vehicles have an autonomy that is fully tailored to your needs. In fact, our batteries are designed to supply your electric utility vehicles with energy for at least a full day of heavy usage. In numbers, this autonomy represents 80 kilometres of autonomy for the MT 10 model and 110 kilometres for the MT 15 model. This is comfortably more than is needed in most situations and more than most of our competitors.

In addition, our batteries offer logistical advantages. They do not require any installation other than a 220V 16A socket. This is extremely convenient as it allows you to recharge your vehicle at any place and under any circumstances.

For more technical details please do not hesitate to download our brochure. Please also feel free to contact us for a meeting or for further information.

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