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The jobs you need to perform are ever more precise and ever more complex. For real efficiency, you need a utility vehicle that’s specially designed for that purpose.

One of the advantages of an Addax is to provide a lightweight vehicle fully adaptable to your workflows, even if you have very precise needs. For example, we can manufacture specific vehicles for different types of transport and logistics needs:

Utility vehicles for intralogistics

Despite constant advances in technology and production lines, utility vehicles remain indispensable for intralogistics in large companies. As the all-purpose Swiss army knives of transport, they have to be able to quickly move materials, tools and equipment of any size, weight or volume, including hazardous items. The ideal vehicle should also be able to cover long distances, because facilities can sometimes be very large.

For a major aluminium producer, for example, a fully adapted logistics utility vehicle will need to move foundry castings, which can be extremely heavy, rapidly and efficiently. For a major motor manufacturer, meanwhile, the ideal logistics vehicle must be able to transport the spare parts and equipment needed to repair a damaged pallet – and do it fast, to prevent a stoppage on the production line!

Urban and “last mile” delivery vehicles

Other companies, large and small, need vehicles that are designed for city-based work and deliveries. Whether they’re delivering packages to the customers of a delicatessen, carrying parcels across the urban zone or transporting a plumber’s equipment through a traffic-clogged city centre, these vehicles need to be nimble and capable of moving materials of any kind.

Our vehicles are suited to all these situations, not only because of their modular construction, but also because they have a number of advantages for performing these types of tasks: 

Robust, lightweight utility vehicles

Some tasks require a vehicle that’s nimble, but also robust. That’s exactly the case with the MT model, for example, which can carry 1 tonne or tow 2 tonnes for 100 km. That toughness means it can carry even the heaviest loads while following an optimum route, serving the maximum number of destinations whether they are on the same site or in multiple locations.

After-sales service for maximum availability

Broken-down vehicles mean lost time and, inevitably, lost money. To ensure maximum availability of up to 98% up-time, Addax Motors has developed a premium after-sales service offer. With this service, we will track all your vehicles remotely, which means we can detect some problems before you even notice them yourself! If a technical problem requires an immediate repair, our engineers can come directly to your premises with the right spare part, so you don’t have to suffer any loss of time.

Zero-emission green vehicles with efficient batteries

All Addax models are electric. That means they are perfectly green and produce no emissions, which is important for vehicles travelling indoors, even in well-ventilated facilities. It is also extremely interesting for urban vehicles, especially in cities where anti-pollution regulations are becoming more and more strict.

Our electric utility vehicles are also fitted with the latest generation of highly efficient batteries . Efficient batteries mean better energy management, which makes the vehicle even more practical and increases utility, as it can be recharged at any time. These batteries are also free from the defects of previous generations, and there’s no risk that large numbers of recharges will cause them to lose their useful charge over time.

If you want to find out how we can customise our vehicles to meet your needs, or if you want more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can also find more information about the MT model here

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