City & leisure

Addax MT for amusement parks and green areas

Fun in child-friendly surroundings: Addax’ green mobility not only looks cool, it is cool !

100% silent, so that’s a win-win straight away: extraordinary versatility in deployment and adding extra credibility to your eco-conscious image.

Zero emission, zero air pollution.

Electric mobility is hot topic, and this also provides important opportunities in the energy sector.

Addax Motors developed the ADDAX MT10/15, a 100% electric commercial vehicle that can drive on average 80 to 120 kilometers per day. The car is fully assembled in our production hall in Deerlijk.

The Addax MT is both energy-friendly, quiet, compact and agile, with an unseen loading capacity up to 1000 kg or 5, 5m³.

Our electrical vehicle offers a solution for green mobility and ensures a considerable saving on fuel and not insignificant, this also ensures emission free mobility (no CO2 emissions)!

In the evening, the Addax can be charged at the low-cost night rate so that it is again operational the day after.
No special charging infrastructure is required.

Addax Motors for amusement parks and green areas

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