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Utility vehicles for your town: the ADDAX solution

Perhaps you already spotted one of those narrow, discrete and silent waste collection vehicles in your neighbouring town. Taken aback, you asked the driver about its capacity. And you couldn’t believe your ears when he told you that this little beauty can carry up to 5 m³ of waste, which is far more than your average diesel van which is not only far bigger but also a whole lot more cumbersome!

A few days later, while taking a walk in the park with your family, you spotted the same type of small vehicle equipped with a leaf vacuum and dumper which looked as if it had been custom built for the job.

As it happens, there are dozens of other settings where you may come across one of these small vehicles:

  • Carrying an anti-graffiti response team and power washer to remove tagging, usually in cities,
  • Collecting litter left by city dwellers, using a side-opening skip,
  • Carrying and delivering heavy waste to a civic amenity site, using a tipper trailer,
  • Transferring chemical residue from a water-treatment plant,
  • Watering flower beds around the sun-drenched streets in cities and towns in summertime.

You’ve got the picture, the ADDAX light utility vehicles can be deployed just about anywhere, but what really gives them the edge is that they are designed to cope with the most difficult situations! Functional and robust, they effortlessly handle any task, unlike the previous generations of electric utility vehicles which were poorly customised, inefficient and were fitted with batteries that could often do with perfecting as you may have witnessed with your own eyes.

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Utility vehicles custom built to handle any task

The second advantage of the Addax electric utility vehicles it that they can be custom built to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a utility vehicle equipped with a skip for weeding and collecting green waste, a street vehicle for power-washing, a side-opening van or a dumper to collect household waste: the sky is the limit, no matter how complex the project!

What’s more, for highly specific applications, we can supply you with a vehicle that can handle a range of jobs, with a predictable handling time to boot! Versatility aside, our vehicles are and remain light-duty vehicles designed to help your teams get around those narrow places traditional vehicles don’t have a hope of accessing!

In sum, the Addax utility vehicles are the ideal solution for cities and towns! They come with a myriad of advantages for all concerned, from management, aldermen for public works and cart managers to their everyday users, council employees and council workers!

A premium after-sales service

Aside from offering you superior-quality vehicles, our mobility offer includes:

  • Remote technical monitoring of your vehicles to anticipate and resolve any technical issue within a minimum of time
  • Local partners who not only sell vehicles but also ensure a superb after-sales service: you will always find a Addax dealer near you
  • A skilled network of service and repairmen near you who fix your vehicle in situ
  • Vehicles that are designed and built to facilitate and speed up repairs, not to mention spare parts that can be delivered within 24hours!

To cut a long story short, an after-sales service that is exceptionally fast, affordable and efficient to ensure that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Utility vehicles that are a pleasure to use!

As your staff will tell you, all council utility vehicles should at least come with the basic comforts. As we at Addax know that vehicles that are pleasant to use and designed with user comfort in mind will always be looked after and maintained better, we wanted to create a range that is the ultimate in safety and comfort!

As it happens, our cabs are among the highest (2 metres) and roomiest (1.4 metres) on the market! They come with a double suspension system, front and back. And they are equipped with modern and independent brakes. As a result, your workers will never again have the feeling that they are squashed into a rickety vehicle that isn’t fit for purpose!

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Electric and green utility vehicles

And last but not least, all our vehicles are fully electric and completely silent. They are the utility vehicles par excellence for towns keen to switch to a green fleet so that they can protect their inhabitants living within their agglomeration from harmful emissions, which are only compounded by vehicles that have to stop and start on a regular basis. Our modern utility vehicles will help you to achieve just that!

And it’s all thanks to our new generation of batteries! Our electric vehicles are more reliable than ever before. For instance, thanks to their LiFePO4 technology, our batteries:

  • have a record durability: estimated to last 10 years which can be extended for other uses such as a storage battery for photovoltaic energy.
  • no longer have any memory effect: henceforth, you can recharge your vehicle whenever you like. In fact, a quick charge, aka opportunity charging, is actually recommended now! Gone are the days where you had to completely discharge your battery before recharging it again as was the case with lead technology!
  • have a large load capacity: the optimised weight compared to the extremely heavy lead batteries generates a load capacity of between 200 and 300 kg!
  • have enhanced safety because we do not use any rare metals, which posed a fire risk, in our batteries.
  • have a lower environmental and social impact in comparison to the lead batteries and the traditional Lithium-ion batteries which turned out to be extremely polluting and difficult to recycle. We do not use any cobalt mined using child labour and our batteries are recyclable!
  • Lastly, electric engines are easier to service and require less servicing, which has to be a bonus when you are running a council fleet!

If our utility vehicles have caught your imagination, make sure to contact us for further details, or to come and check out our MT model for yourself!

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