Our clients

Cities and urbanised areas

An open body for the recycled waste collected by the maintenance team ? A closed load area for a mobile kiddies club ?

Addax can do it all. In any street, any borough, any town. Compact and agile, but with an unprecedented loading capacity of 5 m³.

And the clean air ? Every citizen will be more than grateful.


Amusement parks and green areas

Fun in child-friendly surroundings: Addax’ green mobility not only looks cool, it is cool !

100% silent, so that’s a win-win straight away: extraordinary versatility in deployment and adding extra credibility to your eco-conscious image.

Zero emission, zero air pollution.


Intra-logistics & Industry

Durable, innovative and reliable. Addax represents all of these core values any future-oriented industry cherishes.

Did you know that the total cost of an electric vehicle is smaller than that of a diesel-fuelled vehicle ?

Of course our on-site full service package completes the picture.


Last-mile courier services

80 kilometers of driving range and the large size of the loading body offer extended versatility in any city.

Quick delivery of up to 1,000 kg. Not just a couple of routes, but all day long. Back and forth, again and again.

Addax is small enough to be used in alleyways, fast enough for periphery lanes.

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