Electric utility vehicle Addax MT

Addax Motors developed the MT10: a 100% electric, green, compact, agile, and pleasantly silent vehicle. The MT10 is available with open or closed cargo box and many more options, custom developed for last mile delivery, amusement parks, warehouse logistics, cities and municipalities.

Have no doubt: our mobility is going electric. And the forerunner ? Small vans. Extremely useful in cities and municipalities, but also on vast industrial or recreational areas. Silent, energy efficient and compact: the assets with which Addax rolls down the track speak for themselves. Combine this with a high degree of quality, and you have the utility fleet of tomorrow.

Your utility van is your friend at work, and to help you in your daily tasks, it must be robust, reliable and efficient. The new Addax chassis-cabin is set for the trip. The quality of its finishing, its driving agility and its comfort turn it into the tool you can’t miss anymore.

Addax even switches up a gear: Equipments and fixtures tailored for your needs, and thanks to the 3G monitoring, you are in touch with a team of technicians whenever you need them. And development, production and  assembly are 100 percent Belgian ! This reliability makes it an attractive product for leasing or long-term renting.


Electrical Data
Model MT10 MT15
Motor type 3-phase asynchronous 3-phase asynchronous
Motor power 8 kW 9 kW
Motor torque 130 Nm @ 1600 RPM 149 Nm @ 1600 RPM
Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery capacity 10,2 kWh 14,4 kWh
Battery guarantee 5 years 5 years
Charging Standard plug (16A 230V) Standard plug (16A 230V)


Technical Data
Homologation L7e or N1
Total passengers 2
Maximum speed 70 km/h
Autonomy 80 km (MT10)
110 km (MT15)
Turning circle 4 m
Weight cabin chassis 600 kg
Maximum load capacity 1000 kg
Maximum towing capacity 2000 kg
Brakes front & rear Discs
Suspension front & rear Double coiled springs


Dimensions in millimeters
Cabin width (without mirrors) 1390
(A) Deck length min/max 2150 / 2420
(B) Maximum width (without mirrors) 1500
(C) Maximum height (without beacon) 2500
(D) Min/max distance to the load center of gravity from the front axle 1075 / 1210
(E) Total length 3590
(F) Overhang - rear 523
Overhang - front 915
Wheelbase 2027
Deck height 780


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