An electric year at Addax Motors

20 Dezember 2023

What an electric year it has been. Crazy on all fronts, and not just at Addax. We’ve made good progress in many ways, and so much has happened that it’s hard to know where to begin.

New dealers and distributors

Let’s start by telling you more about our ever-expanding network of distributors and dealers – this is one of our milestone achievements in 2023. Our vehicles are now sold through more than 200 dealers in virtually every country in Europe, but if you are looking for somewhere further afield, you’ll also find us in Australia! And you can’t get much further away than that. We’re proud and happy to say a few Addax ELCVs have already been exported to the shores of Oz, and we are confident that more will follow. We can also announce that we are now available – with both sales and service – in Scandinavia.

Active on LinkedIn

If we are talking numbers, and we are, we’re grateful to have reached (and surpassed) 3000 LinkedIn connections during the year. And who’s to say we won’t reach 4000 connections by the end of 2024?

If you are an avid Addax LinkedIn follower you’ll have seen for yourself just how active we were during the year. You’ll have read that we attended 10 trade shows during 2023, and had many great reactions. More and more of these ‘e-mobility events’ are right up our street, as they are specifically aimed at businesses and councils looking for a green, small electric utility vehicle. At one of our latest events, EV London in the ExCel centre, we were delighted to show off our right-hand drive vehicles for the first time. These trade fairs are a great opportunity to talk with customers, and show them our products up close. It’s the best way to show prospective buyers just how well designed and built the vehicles are, and how easy it is to have a vehicle that matches their needs.

Last mile delivery

Besides councils and municipalities who want to switch to all-electric vehicles, we’re also in talks with a number of retailers, some of whom are already testing our vehicles on the road. We have seen that both Delhaize in Belgium and Aldi Süd in Germany have recently used social media to promote our pilot projects.

Delhaize’s first 100% electric delivery van was delivered to the company in November 2023. Maybe you’ve seen it delivering online grocery orders in the Brussels region? And Aldi Süd in Germany, in close cooperation with Kowalski Transportgeräte GmbH (our dealer), are conducting a market test of a grocery delivery service in Mülheim.

Other Addax EUVs on the road

To open your eyes to what else we’re doing, and give you an idea of just how far (and near) our vehicles travel, we thought we’d highlight just a few of the successful Addax application stories in 2023.

Two of them are very close to our home base in Deerlijk: Kortrijk County Council now operate Addax ELCVs to maintain its parks, and TVH, the forklift truck people, use them to support factory and grounds maintenance. These two sales neatly illustrate two of Addax’s typical growth drivers: municipalities and industrial companies, a fact only reinforced by the fact that both the City of Rome and Dublin County Council have taken delivery of Addax ELCVs this year. And Davines in Parma, Italy – a beauty care company that prioritises green energy and ecology – chose Addax to help them look after their extensive green spaces. It’s nice to know that Parc Asterix in Paris has also discovered the magic potion and is using Addax EUVs – with no exhaust fumes or noise – to maintain its park.

Fun, fun, fun

But it wasn’t all work, work, work … as the Addax team also knows how to take a break and have fun, including during team-building exercises. Saint Nicolas recently stopped by to hand out gifts to the staff, having arrived on his Addax workhorse. And during the summer we all enjoyed the company barbecue on a gloriously warm and sunny day in July. And while we’re talking about summer, we were delighted to see an Addax ELCV helping out at the famous Tomorrowland festival. No real surprise that they chose one of our vehicles as this event is firmly aimed at a generation that wants to ‘respect both each other and Mother Nature’.

Looking ahead to 2024

It feels good to have written down some of the highlights from 2023, but we are already looking forward to what next year will bring. We can’t wait for 2024, and everyone at Addax Motors wishes you all very happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year.